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wow man 5 years ago
I was so hard my cock was on fire and then i watch this video and my cock looked at me in the eyes and says really dude im going to bed. My cock out of nowhere fall asleep. No joke.
Wow I'm impressed 5 years ago
He actually found her pussy
fucking jerry 5 years ago
how the fuck do they even drive or do anything
Wow 5 years ago
Why am I watching this shit? The guy should be a billionaire after this.
Mesmerizing... 5 years ago
The way the fat on the first girl's leg moved as she was gettin fucked looked like an ocean or some shit. It was hypnotizing, the fuck
Oh no baby, what is you doing? 5 years ago
2 elephants and 1 nut
666 5 years ago
Jesus Christ
XxX 5 years ago
Okay it's time to go see the doctor and get recommendations for weight loss. No really it's really that time!
Lol 3 years ago
Guys-- if you're into this, you're into this. It's fine. You don't need to impress other dudes by talking shit. I personally prefer my BBWs to not have so much to them, but I am not going to act like I am horrified or didn't know what was up before clicking the video. And as much shit as you talk, those women are still getting more action than you.
lmfao 5 years ago
She be like oh yeah fuck my tight pussy, they bitchs have to wash themselves with bleech in summer.